Singing Lessons

Amy Calf Singing Lessons in Randburg

Singing lessons are for everyone who loves singing and who has a thirst to learn. For experienced singers, ongoing training is very important for developing your vocal skills, and also for your vocal health. Your vocal health is my main concern and is at the heart of all my teaching.

New to singing? No need to worry – my encouraging and relaxing style will put you at ease. With my guidance, you will be introduced to new songs. You will grow a range of good vocal habits (such as deep breathing, good posture and pronunciation.) As you learn, you will begin to sing in a new way – a way that feels more comfortable to you, with a richer and more vibrant sound.


In singing lessons we cover:

  • breathing
  • good posture
  • vocal health
  • clear pronunciation
  • relaxation
  • developing your range
  • aural (listening skills)
  • song interpretation
  • performance and communication skills
  • finding your own unique sound
  • building your confidence


Kids and teens singing lessons

In addition to working with adults, we offer fun singing lessons for teens and children from the age of 6 years old. Lessons are tailored especially for younger singers. With my very encouraging style, your child will learn to sing in a way that is natural and comfortable. There is absolutely no “pushing” of kids and teens to sing like adults.


Performances and exams

Taking part in the Eisteddfod is the perfect opportunity to gain performance experience and build confidence.

Students may work towards the Trinity College London or Rock School singing exams or the eisteddfod, after being assessed for readiness.


Why singing is good for you

Whether you simply love humming along to your favourite song on the radio, or whether you’re a career singer – singing is good for you!  Here’s why… Read more


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