Singing is good for you


Whether you simply love humming along to your favourite song on the radio, or whether you’re a career singer – singing is good for you!


Singing lessons improve your breathing

Singing is all about the breathing. Effective breathing techniques will enable you to sustain longer sentences and create a richer, more vibrant sound. Effective breathing also helps to ease stress, and to promote a sense of calm. This benefits not only your singing voice but the rest of your life as well.


Singing lessons enhance your posture

Here’s your starting point… try standing up straight and tall while keeping your shoulders relaxed and slightly back.  Good posture aligns your body to breathe and sing most efficiently, and also has health benefits for your back.


Extending your vocal range

Are your higher notes tricky? … No need to worry! As you learn, your higher and lower notes will sound and feel more and more comfortable. A good singing teacher will be able to guide you on how to develop this skill.


Maintaining your vocal health

Maintaining your vocal health is essential for any singer. The voice is a delicate instrument. Singing incorrectly or singing for an overly extended period of time can cause vocal strain, and  can unfortunately even lead to lasting vocal damage.

How do you maintain your vocal health?  By building a healthy singing technique with the guidance of an experienced teacher.


Find your own unique sound

Successful singers have a unique sound – you can recognise the singer from the sound of their voice. As a singer, you should sound like you – not like Barbara Streisand or Farrel Williams or Ed Sheeran  – but like you. Taking lessons lays a foundation for  your own unique sound to surface.


Develop your confidence and your presentation skills

Face-to-face performance training is invaluable for building your confidence, preparing you for any situation where you are called on to speak in public. This may be a work presentation or a speech at school.

The training improves the quality of your speaking voice, and heightens your ability to communicate through facial expression and body language.


Develop your creativity and artistry

Taking singing lessons develops your creative and artistic skills in a universally appreciated way. Creativity and an ability to “think outside the box” are valued skills for successful professionals in any workplace today.


Singing is good for your health

When you sing, “feel-good” endorphins are released into the blood stream, making you feel energised. This is similar to what you experience if you’ve had a good workout at the gym.  Singing improves your overall blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and may soothe chronic pain.


Learn singing with a specialist teacher

Can all musicians teach me how to sing? No! You can only learn correct and healthy techniques with a trained singing teacher.

The training is a must for career singers and hobby singers alike. It is also beneficial for anyone who loves to sing and would like to learn more. Beginners are most welcome.


Come for singing lessons!