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Amy Calf Music Studio


My passion is inspiring you with a love of music, while training you to the highest standards.

Take Singing, Piano & Keyboard lessons at my studio in Randpark Ridge or take Piano & Keyboard lessons online in your own home anywhere in South Africa.

Adults of all ages, teens and children from the age of 5 are welcome!



Taking part in the Eisteddfod is the perfect opportunity to gain performance experience and build confidence.


Grading is available through the National Eisteddfod Academy.


Exam courses are available for international certification through Trinity College. Abrsm or Unisa on request.

What students have to say


“We decided to send Thando for lessons because he loves music and has raw talent and we wanted an environment for his capabilities to grow. We needed someone who understood his talents and his passion for music. Since starting the piano and singing lessons we have seen a huge improvement all round. Our son has grown in singing ability such as controlling his voice, managing breathing and gaining confidence. He has learned that talent can only take him so far – it is about dedication and the hard work needed to succeed. We enjoy the high level of professionalism and structure and the one-on-one environment that Amy’s studio provides and are very satisfied with Thando’s progress and achievements so far. We also see Amy as an excellent coach, not only to teach music but to give input on how to project yourself on stage and create the right image while still remaining grounded.  We hope that through these lessons, as well as hard work and dedication, that Thando will go on to achieve much more in the music world.”  Sabelo, father of Thando, age 12


“My daughter, Marchella, asked me if she could learn a musical instrument and piano was her first choice. Marchella has thoroughly enjoyed learning how to play and spends her rehearsal times at home in her happy space, with her dog at her feet. Amy’s patient and calm encouragement has enabled Marchella to very quickly pick up playing. What is great is that Marchella is very much involved in the choices of her pieces which means she enjoys playing them. Having watched Amy at many concerts I can see that she has an ability to work with a range of ages, bringing out the confidence in even the smallest students. Amy is a delightful lady, wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her.” From Claire, mother of Marchella, age 18


“I sent my son Christiano for singing lessons with Amy because he has a good voice. He’s really loved the singing lessons and we’ve seen how much he’s improved. He has even starting writing music, that’s how much he’s loved it! He has gained confidence through the lessons. He never really liked to be in front of people but he has done concerts with the studio and this has given him confidence. Amy is a lovely person and Christiano took to her immediately and they’ve had a wonderful relationship. I highly recommend her as she is very patient and so good with the kids and knows how to get the best out of them. She is really excellent!” From Chantal, mother of Christiano, age 10


“I’ve loved learning piano.  It has been a dream of mine and I also wanted my kids to play. When I was 12 years old my dad bought me a keyboard.  I was able to listen to music and play by ear.  However, Amy took this ability to the next level by teaching us to read music and play pieces.  The diversity of lessons from structured pieces to chords to pop songs made it that much more enjoyable. Amy is able to teach based on her understanding of her student’s interests and ability.  She recognised that my son Revarn requires variety and active engagement so she teaches him the more modern songs to keep him interested and engaged. Amy is exceptionally patient and encouraging. We have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons.”  From Myhendri, mother of Revarn age 11 and Lereesha age 8


“As a family, we have a real love for music and I decided to go for piano and singing lessons. I also decided to send my two girls for singing lessons with Amy. They are talented but it is quite competitive at their school when it comes to auditioning for the choir and school productions. Singing lessons with Amy really helped them to learn how to bring out their voices, do proper breathing and gain confidence. They were both accepted into their school choir so I am proud of them. They are quite reserved but they had the courage to take part in Amy’s studio concert and really enjoyed it. When it comes to music, Amy is very knowledgeable and I feel her personality is very well suited to music teaching. She is very patient and she is someone you can relate to. She makes you feel so comfortable and makes the whole experience enjoyable and refreshing. These lessons were really something my girls looked forward to.” From Anita, mother of Kaelah age 16 and Esha age 14